"Our commitment, combined with your regular use of Cure Medical products, enables the most significant benefit possible the potential for a cure."

Bob Yant, Cure Medical Founder and Cure Catheter user

Our Commitment: Making a Difference

Research Is the Key

Research Is the Key

Welcome to Cure Medical

The Cure Commitment is unsurpassed in the industry. Only Cure Medical has committed to donating 10% of net income to scientific research. Only Cure Medical catheters are not made with DEHP or BPA. Simply by using Cure Catheters® or Cure Catheter® Closed Systems for routine intermittent catheterization, you take part in the sustained pursuit of a cure.

Ours is a higher standard. In addition to being not made with Natural Rubber Latex, all of our products are Not made with DEHP to prevent you from being exposed to the “known carcinogen” plasticizer found in most PVC catheters. Cure Medical catheters always have smooth, fire polished eyelets. Cure Catheters and Cure Catheter Closed Systems also come in a variety of familiar styles and smooth tip options to suit you. For more details, see our products.

There’s Nothing New to Learn

These are such important items that you use. If something’s working, we know you don’t want change; that is why Cure catheters and closed systems look and work exactly like the products you already use, but Cure Catheters are better.

If you have a question about our products, call us. We work hard to make them the best possible, but we want to hear your suggestions, too. In fact, we’ll talk to you right now. We seek your input and ideas, not only on product but research as well.

We’re learning new things all the time. We can learn from you. Five years from now, we’re still going to be focused on you, our customer.

We contribute 10% of our net income to spinal cord research. Research donations increase with each new order. Simply by choosing to use Cure Medical products you automatically make a donation toSCI/D research, one that might not have been made otherwise.

Let us send you a free sample today. We’re confident you’ll want to join us in making a difference and funding research for a cure.