"The only true relief from SCI is through the development of a cure."

Bob Yant, Cure Medical Founder and Cure Catheter user

Research is the Key

Michael Beattie, PhD Professor in Residence of Neurological Surgery

Michael Beattie, PhD Professor in Residence of Neurological Surgery

Cure Medical has a keen interest in the latest advances in science and medicine related to SCI and CNS/D. New studies and discoveries are being made every day. We think these scientists and their work are worth noting.

Michael Beattie, UCSF
Michael Beattie studies cell death after spinal cord injury. He also explores the use of stem cells transplanted into the spinal cord. Read more

Jacqueline C. Bresnahan, UCSF
Jacqueline Bresnahan examines what happens after nerve and support cell injury, as well as how the nervous system regenerates and repairs itself. Read more

James Fawcett, University of Cambridge
James Fawcett is exploring a number of ways to regenerate injured nerves through the scar that forms in the spinal cord after injury. Read more

Zhigang He, Harvard University
Zhigang He is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in axon degeneration and regeneration. Read more

Stephen McMahon, Kings College London
Stephen McMahon has shown that degrading one component of the post-injury scar enables regeneration of damaged central nerves and restores some sensory and movement behaviors. Read more

Jerry Silver, Case Western Reserve University
Jerry Silver studies the molecules that influence developing and regenerating axons along their proper pathways within the brain and spinal cord. Read more

Oswald Steward, UC Irvine
Oswald Steward studies the molecular mechanisms of spinal cord axon regeneration as well as animal models of spinal cord injury. Read more

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Rockefeller University
Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s laboratory investigates how neural circuits in the brain form during embryonic development. Read more

Mark Tuszynski, UC San Diego
Mark Tuszynski uses the genes of nerve growth factors to stimulate  regeneration in the injured spinal cord. Read more

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