"I can’t say enough good things. I have tried many different catheters. I like yours the best.”


Our objective has always been to provide a superior product at a great value while supporting advanced medical research. Over the years, we have received hundreds of favorable comments from end users affirming these goals. I am proud to share actual testimonials from users of Cure Medical catheters – and, I invite you to let us know about your experience with our products.

Bob Yant, Cure Medical founder and Cure Catheter user

“After trying three brands, the Cure Catheter was by far the best.”

“I find your catheter to be much easier on my body compared to any others I have used.”

“Thank you for making my life a little easier. I have been cathing for five years. Your Cure Twist is 1,000 times better and move convenient than what I used in the past.”

“I am very satisfied with the Cure Catheter. I never have a problem with them.”

“The Cure Catheter is easier to use and draining is more complete. Thank you for everything you do!”

“I love the Cure Twist catheter. And, all of your staff are very accommodating. I can’t say enough good things. I have tried many different catheters. I like yours the best.”

“Thanks for the very good products. They are easy to use. They represent a ‘jewel’ of inestimable value! I will always use your products.”

“The Cure Twist is by far the best catheter I have ever used. It is short enough to carry in my purse and long enough to empty my oversized bladder. The lubrication is just enough to do the job. And the case gives a sanitary way to dispose of in public.”

“I was given samples of various brands (of catheters) by my doctors… I use the Cure Catheter and they are the best. Thank you very much!”

“I use the Cure Catheter. I love the idea that research is done.”

“After a major bladder operation, the hospital gave me the Cure Catheter. They are the best ones I have used. Others are messy to use and can cause minor pain and bleeding. Thank you for a great product.”

“The catheter comes out smooth. I’m sure the polished eyelets are the reason. Others I have used felt like they scraped me.”

“Easy to open. No messy fluid. Easy and pain free to insert.”

“I am using catheters from Cure Medical. I like them and will continue using them. I also like your contribution to research.”

“I appreciate that the catheter is easy to use. I also like the U-shape Cure Medical Pocket Catheter. I especially like the prompt service!”

“The Cure Catheter is the only one I have found that does not cause pain when extracting. Thank you!”

“I use the Cure Catheter. I am very happy with the service and special attention I get when calling with questions.”

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