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The Cure Commitment

Research KeyCure Medical believes that ‘Research is the Key’ to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries (SCI) and central nervous system disorders (CNS/D). So, since its founding, Cure Medical made an unsurpassed Cure Commitment to support medical research in pursuit of a cure for paralysis. As a result, use of any Cure Medical product contributes to this goal!

Scientific Breakthrough

Diagram of re-generating nerve tissueSeveral of the research centers that Cure Medical proudly supports have achieved a breakthrough in regeneration in the corticospinal tract in animal studies.

CST nerves in a mouse, (shown as red), can be seen growing beyond the lesion site (dotted line). This offers hope for humans with paralysis.

Research Articles

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Notable SCI & CNS/D Researchers

Cure Medical proudly upholds the unsurpassed Cure Commitment to support medical research. That means, when you choose to use or recommend a Cure Medical product...