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Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing - Cure Medical

Cure Medical "Your Manufacturer, Your Partner" logoLooking for a free resource to help spark your social media campaigns?

Reach a new audience or better engage with your followers online with this free download available from Cure Medical. Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing is a quick read that both experienced and beginning digital marketers will enjoy.

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You might be surprised as to how many of your customers are watching videos on YouTube or responding to offers via social media.

In this book, Cure Medical’s VP of Marketing Lisa Wells shows how to leverage social media to strengthen relationships with your existing healthcare patients as well as how to position your products or services to a brand new audience that has healthcare needs.

Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare MarketingThroughout the book, the author shares real-life business examples and success stories from her marketing career that spans more than 20 years of professional experience with health care providers on three continents.

Written from a medical device marketing perspective, the book also shares examples that every HME marketing professional can relate to and may have experienced themselves, along with suggestions on how to best resolve these digital marketing dilemmas.

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Did you know that today more than 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device?

Each chapter provides easy-to-understand tips and tricks that bring technical topics down to the level of a beginning or non-technical person.

At the end of each section, you’ll also receive additional resources for extended learning on specific marketing topics.

Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing is an easy, entertaining read that will help you visualize ways to take your digital marketing campaigns to a new level.

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