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Rolling in Russia: Andrew Angulo is a Media Maker on Wheels - Cure Medical

Andrew Angulo of Los Angeles, California, exemplifies a man who’s found not only a business but also a talent and a passion that enables him to live his dream. If you’ve attended the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, you may have seen Andrew there, but perhaps you haven’t gotten to know him.   See his story of achievement after injury below, along with why we invited Andrew to serve as a Cure Advocate.

Cure Advocate Andrew Angulo is a filmmaker, photographer and peer mentor, blazing a trail for others to pursue their creative endeavors after experiencing major life adjustments. 

After his spinal cord injury in 2009, Andrew Angulo was searching for a creative outlet and began teaching himself the art of photography and film production. Almost ten years later, Andrew is the founder of Disabled Life Media and a well-known media maker in the disability community.

watch the VIDEO INTERVIEW: ALL FOR ONE film DOCUMENTARY set in russia

In 2014, Andrew was invited to travel to Russia to work with other filmmakers with disabilities, and he shares that story with the CURE NATION below!

A Call for Submissions

In the summer of 2013, Andrew Angulo received an email from Jon Alpert, a 15-time Emmy Award winning and 2-time Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker out of New York. The message came as a quite a surprise and what he offered was pretty incredible.

In the email, Jon introduced himself and explained that he’s putting together a team of people who live with disabilities that love to make film. It was a pioneer program for a group of “Media Enabled Musketeers” in the U.S. and Russia, who would work together to create short films about disabilities, as well as be featured in a full-length documentary.

Andrew and the others would have an opportunity to submit a short film to Jon’s non-profit foundation, DCTV, and if selected, could possibly travel to Russia.

Incredibly honored to have received an invitation, Andrew was all in – and got busy on his film submission.

He recalls, “The first cut submission date was April 2014 and I worked hard to create a script, dialogue, and filmed character profiles to put my envisioned piece together. When the cut was sent in April, I was pleased to hear supportive and complimentary responses from Jon and the producers.”

But just like any first draft, there was work to be done on the video. The producers wanted see the length of the film cut significantly. In doing so, the storyline was altered and Andrew felt he would have to reshoot a majority of it. It was going to be a lot of work and he began to feel the pressure.At the same time, Andrew was also experiencing some health issues, which included severe spasms and pain. He had a surgery coming up and as he looked ahead, it all seemed like a little too much to take on. Andrew emailed Jon and the producers and let them know that, as much as he didn’t want to, that he would have to withdraw from the project. It was not an easy message to send.

Andrew had already gained the respect of the producers, though, and they reached out to him to explore possibilities of still participating.

“Jon called me directly and told me he understood I was going through a hard time, but that I was an important part of the team. He told me, if I thought I was able, he wanted me to go to Russia because he believed in me.”

That seemed to be just what Andrew needed. With a renewed motivation and sense of vision, Andrew dove back into the project and actually created an entirely new film about his life on wheels. Watch the extended cut here.

The Media Musketeers Head to Russia

Before he knew it, Andrew was joining the group of U.S. filmmakers to travel to Russia. They arrived in Moscow and were astounded by the foreign scenery and architecture. And, it didn’t take long to get to work!

Andrew remembers, “Our first media adventure took place the same evening we arrived at the Moscow Documentary Film Center, the first Russian cinema hall for documentary films and new cultural and educational venue. Here we got to mingle and get to know our fellow Russian Musketeer filmmakers in the program.”

“And as a group, it was incredible seeing our films on a big screen and hearing the laughter, sniffles and applause from the audience that felt touched by the personal challenges and triumphs shared in our stories.”

For the next 10 days, the Musketeers toured together, filming and sharing stories. Andrew shares that as awesome as it all was, accessibility was definitely a major challenge. Many of the establishments they visited only had stairs or very inaccessible ramps. Sidewalks were uneven and cracked in many places. He had to accept a lot of help, even being carried up and down flights of stairs.

For someone that was so used to having independence, the lack of accessibility really made Andrew feel for the wheelchair users in Russia who face the obstacles everyday to live their lives. It sure makes us appreciate the rights and opportunities afforded to us in the U.S.Three weeks after returning from Russia, the group gathered again – this time in New York City. “We spent time visiting organizations and had the ear of the Commissioner,” Andrew explains, “at the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, Victor Calise. A Live broadcast came in the way through”

“The pinnacle of this trip was having the premiere screening of our films at the HBO headquarters. Having the delight of watching our films on the big screen, taking hold of a US audience as they too made personal connections with our stories,” Andrew adds.

The documentary of the experience, Media Enabled Musketeers, is currently in the U.S. film circuit. Learn more about Andrew’s adventure and see the film submissions of other musketeers on his blog here.

Andrew Angulo Shares His Passion Through Peer Mentoring

These days, Andrew continues to take beautiful photographs and make videos, but he’s also fulfilling another important part of his personal mission. He explains, “I’ve been really focused on being able to work with people that are going through adjustments, like support group work in rehabs.”

“I’m really sharing my experience as a filmmaker and photographer and using those outlets to let people know that they can go after these dreams and do things they love.”

Andrew currently has a photography showing, among some other artists, at the California Rehab Institute’s gallery in Century City. The one-year show is called “Artists for Trauma.”

See more of Andrew’s work on his website and read more about his story on the Cure Nation.


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