"Finally, a company that is designing products that meet the needs of SCI patients."

Cure customer and catheter user

Product Details: Simply Better

insert-see-product-imagesProven Function: Made to Suit You

At Cure Medical, we know how important this product is to your health and ability to stay active. As a result, simply by using any Cure Medical product, end users can experience all these premium benefits:

Always not made with DEHP, BPA, or Natural Rubber Latex

Cure is the first and only company to manufacture all of its products without DEHP, a known carcinogen, without BPA, and without Natural Rubber Latex, a common allergen. A Study conducted at Craig Center in Denver found that people with SCI are 100 times more likely to get bladder cancer. To finally have a product on the market that is not made with cancer-causing plasticizer or natural rubber latex is a huge advancement.

Fire-polished eyelets are more gentle to use

High magnification Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) imaging of an eyelet on two national brand catheters and a Cure Medical catheter revels differences in quality that can be seen and felt

Always smooth, fire-polished eyelets

Unlike many PVC catheters that are cold-punched in the manufacturing process, Cure Catheters and Cure Closed Systems have smooth, fire-polished eyelets for increased comfort and a more positive catheterization experience.

Popular styles and sizes

Cure Medical offers a variety of styles and sizes to help meet the needs of any catheter user.

Best prices

Cure Medical products are inexpensive and affordable because we know the high cost of medical supplies and treatment for SCI/D.

Benefit from our commitment to research

Cure Medical has made an unsurpassed, permanent Cure Commitment to donate 10% of net income to medical research in pursuit of a cure for spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders. As a result, use of any Cure Medical product for routine intermittent catheterization advances research for a cure.

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