The Cure Commitment

10% of net income is donated to research in pursuit of a cure

Patents - Cure Medical



Ultra® US Patent Numbers D796,669;10,293,136; 10,589,061
CA Patent Number 2934510 (C)
CA Industrial Design No. 165070
EU Community Design No. 002848325-0001
CN Patent Number CN107297012 (B)
Other Patents Pending
Twist® US Patent Numbers 8181778, 9220866
CA Patent Number CA2817010 (C)
Dextra® US Patent Numbers 9,782,563; 10,052,454; 10,315,008; 10,463,830; 10,814,097, 10,980,974
CA Patent Number CA2891144 (C); 3,051,742
Other Patents Pending
Hydrophilic catheters US patent 10,987,487