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Cindy DeJesus

Cindy DeJesus – “Dream BIG!”

CURE NATION:  It’s the laugh that gets you first. Preparing to write a profile for this former Ms. Wheelchair California, I had done a basic Google search for f...
Josh Basile, attorney and founder of and

Basile’s Voice Commands Results

I asked Josh Basile if he ever lost his voice. He said he did. “When I tried to swallow a completely round pill. The pill got stuck, EMTs got called and I was i...

I Would Never Go Back: Anthony Sanchez

CURE NATION: It was football season, 2014.  Anthony Sanchez was with his buddies, planning to watch the game at home.  Instead, they headed out to watch the gam...
Natalie quadriplegic

Motion Project: Together We Move

CURE NATION: When a 600-pound rehab exercise machine falls on the Rehabilitation Physical Therapy  Assistant, some would call that irony. Some would call it a t...