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Instructions for Use - Cure Medical

Instructions for Use

Cure Medical offers the following instruction guides for our products as a free resource to assist you with self-intermittent catheterization.

This educational material is provided in English, French and Spanish by Cure Medical in an effort to answer questions and address possible concerns about the intermittent catheterization process.

By following simple steps via Instructions for Use for self-intermittent catheterization, it is possible to quickly master the technique and make the process part of your daily routine for bladder management and urinary tract health.

These instruction guides are not a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider. Please contact your physician with further questions about your individual needs.

Cure Medical wishes to thank Anne Boisclair-Fahey, DNP, RN, CPNP for writing this educational material. She is a nurse practitioner in pediatric urology.


Please consult your physician for instructions for use. These are general instructions, not specific to an individual’s special needs.