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Cure Medical Catheters

Upgrade to Cure Medical catheters:

Cure Medical Catheters

Visual comparison of Cure Medical polshed eyelets compared to other manufacturers

A photomacrograph image shows a Cure Medical catheter between two other catheter brands. The difference in eyelet quality between the Cure Medical product and the other two brands is clearly seen – and can be felt!

Although Cure Medical intermittent catheters function like others, they offer unique features which translate into benefits that users value:

Polished Eyelets

Cure Medical always uses an ultrasonic process to ensure that all eyelets on all catheters are exceptionally smooth. The difference in eyelet quality between a Cure Medical product and others can be seen – and felt!

Advancing Medical Research

Only Cure Medical donates 10% of net income to research for a cure for urinary retention, paralysis and central nervous system disorders. As a result, using any Cure Medical product helps contribute to a promising future.

How to order Cure Medical catheters

Cure Medical believes that outstanding user comfort and safety should be considered standard care.

Cure Catheter TipsWe have partnered with outstanding distributors nationwide who share this vision. They help ensure that end-users receive the ideal combination of high quality products with specialized customer service.

Knowledgeable, experienced, Cure Medical distributors not only provide FREE SAMPLES of our products, they can:

  1.  Assist with product selection
  2. Address questions on insurance coverage and third party billing
  3. Coordinate with physicians or case managers
  4. Ship products promptly and discreetly

Contact your current medical supply provider to ask for Cure Medical catheters.

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