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cure nation logoOn February 15-16, the 1st Annual Adaptive Sports Jam will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida. The event will feature a variety of adaptive action sports and well-known athletes, including WCMX STAR and our friend Jerry Diaz!  Learn more below.
What’s on the Docket for February’s Adaptive Sports Jam?

This first annual event will kick off on February 15th at the new St. Petersburg Skatepark, located in Campbell Park near downtown St. Pete. It will showcase a variety of adaptive and action sports that are enjoyed in the local area with highlights like WCMX/Adaptive Skateboarding, Wheelchair Sports, Wind Sports, Water Sports and even a Wheelchair Obstacle Course featuring a wide range of diverse challenges for chair users of all ages.

Leading adaptive athletes that will be on-site at the Adaptive Sports Jam include world-famous WCMX pioneer, Aaron Fotheringham, Cure advocate and WCMX pro Jerry Diaz, as well as pro-athlete and executive director of ASF Adaptive Sports Tony Torres.

ACTION VIDEO: See what’s in store at the 2019 Adaptive sports jam

Get a full list of athletes and more info about the Adaptive Sports Jam here.

Cure Advocate Jerry Diaz has been riding WCMX for many years now and can’t see himself now without it. When it comes to all the hard work that the athletes put into their respective sports, Jerry says it’s a labor of love.

He affirms, “I feel that if someone can break the stereotype of a person in a wheelchair by performing tricks that everyone thinks are impossible, then learning those tricks is a worthwhile ambition.”

On a typical day when Jerry is at a skatepark as the only person there in a chair, it’s common to get some weird looks and comments – but those usually turn into props from the other skaters.wcmx pro jerry diaz rides the skate rampHe shares, “Everybody looks at me, and I know they’re thinking, ‘What’s this guy in a wheelchair doing in a skate park?’ I’ll adjust my wheelchair, put on my helmet and safety equipment and start riding, jumping ramps and throwing tricks.”

People will come over to me and say, ‘Hey man, that’s really amazing what all you can do.’”

wheelchair users observes skate park


Below is a highlight of events for the Adaptive Sports Jam, but you can see a full schedule here! All events are family friendly! 

  • Best Trick Competition (3 Divisions: Beginners/Intermediate/Pro – WCMX, Adaptive Skate)
  • WCMX & Adaptative Skate Rules and Guidelines
  • Safety Clinic
  • Volunteer Training
  • Adapttive Fitness
  • Athlete Mentorship Program

group of adaptive athletes with asf adaptive sports

About the Event Organizers

ASF Adaptive Sports is a division of Action Sports Foundation, a Florida based charitable organization whose mission is to promote responsibility and goodwill throughout the community through the platform of action sports. The organization’s primary focus is providing public education, creating safety-based training materials and programs, establishing youth and adaptive sports programs, and serving as a resource to action sports athletes, organizations, and industry.

To pull off an awesome event, ASF Adaptive Sports is partnering with SoCal WCMX, the West Coast leaders in wheelchair motocross activities. They’re excited to work together, with a shared approach to adaptive sports organizing that is inclusive, fun, and puts an emphasis on keeping things as safe as possible.group of youth wheelchair athletes with socal wcmx“When I was introduced to WCMX, I knew I wanted to be involved with the sport. As I learned more about it, I was so inspired to see how much it was changing the lives of people who depend on using a wheelchair daily. They have many obstacles to overcome and WCMX helps to increase their confidence while negotiating life in a wheelchair,” comments Tina Tallman, Vice President of ASF Adaptive Sports.

She continues, “That’s the spirit behind our February 2019 competition [Adaptive Sports Jam] and we know it is going to be a huge success, a win-win for everyone involved, from the wheelchair athletes, to the volunteers, to the friends, family, and enthusiastic community members who come out and show support.”two wheelchair users on skate ramp

Cure Catheters Support Jerry Diaz’s Active Life on the Ramps

“I’m often asked which catheters I use,” Jerry says. “I like the Cure pre-lubricated closed system catheters, because they don’t kink-up or collapse. Also, each catheter comes with the tube and the bag all connected. Then I don’t have to get a water bottle to attach to it or sit on the toilet.”cure closed system

free-sample-request-cure-medicalTo request free samples of the new Cure Medical® Closed System or any Cure Medical® catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

Jerry also appreciates the fact that Cure Medical gives back to the SCI community in such a big way.

He explains, “One day in the not too distant future, I hope research scientists will find a cure for spinal cord injuries. By using Cure catheters, I’m helping to support research, because 10% of the net income from Cure is donated to spinal cord research to help me and other people with spinal cord injuries.”


“If you can’t afford to donate money for spinal cord research, then by using Cure products, the company donates for you and for me,” Jerry adds.

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