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Contact: Christopher Sellwood
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Cure Dextra® Closed System Offers a New Way to Advance

Newport Beach, CA, January 1, 2021 – Cure Medical LLC introduced the Cure Dextra® Closed System serving a broad market of able bodied catheter users and those with limited hand dexterity.

Catheter users value Cure Dextra® proprietary attributes intended to facilitate use, increase independence, and reduce risk of infections. A Support Band enables controlled use. Tip Advancing Technology moves the pre-lubricated catheter from the 1000 ml collection bag into the body without contact. Sterile catheterization is possible without gloves. A Gripper Arrow facilitates advancing the catheter with each forward stroke.

Like all Cure Medical intermittent catheters, the Cure Dextra® features polished eyelets for increased comfort and is made of quality materials not made with DEHP*/DINP, BPA or Natural Rubber Latex.

Cure Medical has made an unsurpassed Cure Commitment to donate ten percent of net income to research in pursuit of a cure for spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders. As a result, it is possible to provide customers with a unique, future benefit along with the immediate, positive experience associated with use of the Cure Dextra® Closed System.

Cure Medical supports partner suppliers with free samples, co-op advertising, and lead-generating marketing tools. For more information, call (612) 616-47861.


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About Cure Medical LLC

Founded in 2007 as a means for sustained funding of medical research, Cure Medical LLC develops traditional and innovative catheters for distribution through a network of healthcare product suppliers.

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Cure Dextra™ Closed System

The Cure Dextra™ Closed System offers proprietary attributes to facilitate use.

Instructions for Advancing Yourself with Cure Dextra™

The Cure Dextra™ Closed System offers proprietary attributes to facilitate use.

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