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Contact: Beau Alford
Phone: (615) 982-3530

Cure Ultra® Plus™ Helps Support a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Henderson, NV, January 1, 2022 – Convatec recently expanded the Cure Ultra® line of ready-to-use, portable, intermittent catheters to include a new option for women: the Cure Ultra® Plus™.

Cure Ultra® catheters are an established, popular solution for men and women. The pre-lubricated catheter saves time and eliminates the potential mess associated with preparing a catheter for use. Additionally, Cure Ultra® catheters can tuck into small spaces for convenient, discreet portability – helping people stay active and healthy. The new the Cure Ultra® Plus™catheter offers these same benefits in a unique 8” length.

The Cure Ultra® Plus™ is designed to be an ideal solution for women who find that the typical, 6” length female catheter is too short for comfortable use.

Cure Ultra® Plus™

Cure Ultra® Plus™

Like all Cure Medical catheters, the innovative, long length Cure Ultra® Plus™ for women features polished eyelets for comfort and is not made with DEHP*/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex for safety and peace of mind. Additionally, it combines ‘Upgrade Quality’ with ‘Reimbursement Friendly’ value.

The Cure Ultra® Plus™ is available through partner healthcare suppliers nationwide. For more information, call (615) 982-3530 or (800) 422.8811.


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