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Wheels UP! Meet Women Who Explore the World on Wheels - Cure Medical

For all our friends in the CURE NATION, we hope you’ll enjoy and share this photo collage of women who are enjoying life and exploring the world. These adventurers also happen to use a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop them from loving life and living it to the fullest extent.

The pictures below, and their stories, are courtesy of the 2018 Wheels UP! Photo Contest hosted by SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine, Cure Medical, Abilities Expo and the Spina Bifida Association. Enjoy!


Nicholette Peoples says, “They say not to chase waterfalls but I prefer to try the impossible. Exploring nature is my passion!”

margaret hits the slopes

Margaret Deery says, “This picture is of John Waddick and I adaptive skiing in Beech Mountain, NC!”  Adaptive skiing or sit-skiing is a popular winter activity.

MISTIE conquers the triathlon course

Mistie Butler says “This was right after I crossed the finish line after completing my first ever mini para-triathlon. I’m sitting in the racing wheelchair that I used for the “running” portion, and my coach/race partner, Jennie McClellan, that I was paired with for the race is standing behind me.”

marilyn takes on the wild west

Marilyn Stafford says “This photo was taken by my husband in the Monument Valley while on our one-month road trip from Toronto to Indio, California two years ago. This is me using my Action Trackchair for the very first time!”

Rachel stakes out the canadian border

Rachel Malone is exploring the Northern Minnesota/Canada border at Pigeon Falls when leaves are turning. She is an avid photographer too!

brenna ascends the mountains

Brenna Bean says, “I am all about adaptive adventures! I am a huge fan of the things outside, challenging, and beautiful! I believe that the power of the great outdoors and overcoming physical challenges in the natural world is one of the most empower things that people with disabilities can do.”

“Instead of asking an environment to change to meet our needs, conquering challenges in the outdoors means that we ourselves must change and adapt to acheive our goals and the relentless reward of Mother Nature. This photo was taken about 4,000 miles up Mount Washington, just above the tree line. After a grueling climb with a great friend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we reached the summit at over 7,000+ feet!”

shannon explores chicago

Shannon Kelly says “The is me by the Bean in Chicago. It is one of my favorite places in the city and a great place to see the skyline!”

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2018 Wheels UP! event, brought to you by SPORTS ‘N SPOKES, Cure Medical, Abilities Expo and the Spina Bifida Association.

Stay tuned to SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine as they will announce the contest winners in their November 2018 issue. Visit their site here.


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