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Valued Cure Medical Advocate logoCure Catheters Help Jean Mooney Find Relief After Decades of Struggling with Bladder Issues

Jean Mooney resides with her husband, Jewell, in southeast Missouri. After decades of dealing with a number of bladder-related issues, Jean finally decided to try catheters – and her doctor recommended a Cure. Jean shares her experience below.

A Simple Procedure Results in Decades of bladder Issues for Jean

Now in her mid-80’s, Jean Mooney had been living with bladder issues and conditions for more than 25 years. When she was nearly 60, Jean scheduled an appointment to have a hernia fixed in her right groin. About five days after the surgery, the hernia came back and she ended up having to have two more surgeries in an attempt to resolve the condition.

Little did Jean know, the hernia surgeries would result in other lasting health problems, completely unrelated to the hernia.

The surgeon informed her that he had cut into her bladder while trying to repair the hernia. Later, Jean found out that her surgeon was rumored to have been using drugs while operating.

Hernias can cause tremendous pain as well as other medical issues for people, like Jean, who have them.

Hernias can cause tremendous pain as well as other medical issues for people, like Jean, who have them.

The damage to the bladder caused by Jean’s surgeon would lead to all sorts of related issues, including inability to empty her bladder, frequent UTI’s and pain. She has had to endure eight cystoscopes to try and remedy the frequent bladder infections and suffered from a marble-sized bladder stone. Her doctors also suspect that she has interstitial cystitis, but it’s not something that they can diagnosis for certain.

Treating bladder infections and UTI’s became more and more difficult for Jean and her doctors as the years passed. She became immune and allergic to many antibiotics – and during one of her more severe infections, she had to have a PICC line for eight days to deliver antibiotics to directly to her heart.Coffee Pot and CupJean has also had to live without some of her favorite refreshments. By the advice of her physicians and simple trial and error over the years, she’s learned that caffeine, sodas and high-acid foods, like citrus and grapes, are out of the question. If she indulges, she says she pays with a lot of pain.

“I love real coffee, but I can’t drink it! My husband often wants me to share a cup, but I’ve learned to avoid it. It’s not worth the pain that follows,” Jean says.

Jean enjoys a pleasant surprise in using Cure Catheters

When Jean got a new urologist a few years back, they recommended that she try using catheters to help remedy some of the bladder-related issues she had been suffering from for so long.

“I was reluctant for a long time,” Jean explains. “I thought catheters would be messy and I was scared. I didn’t want to use them. I had already tried these long, red, rubber tubes to empty my bladder, but they didn’t work too well for me.”Jean Mooney

Finally, Jean’s doctor was able to convince her that catheters could really help her and he recommended the Cure Twist.

She says it didn’t take her any time to get used to using them, and that was more than three years ago.

Cure Twist Catheter


Appearance isn’t the only advantage of the Cure Twist®. The ready-to-use Cure Twist® Catheter for Women also offers all these benefits and user-driven innovations:

  • Cure Medical Not Made with DEHP, BPA or Latex logoFemale catheter, available in French sizes 8-16
  • Easy, twist-off cap in a small, portable configuration
  • Smooth polished eyelets for increased comfort
  • No Drip/No Mess pre-lubrication
  • Attractive discreet dispenser – similar to cosmetics
  • High quality materials – not made with DEHP*, BPA, or natural rubber latex offer peace of mind
  • Support of research in pursuit of a cure for SCI and CNS/D possibly offers the best benefit of all!
If you have issues with Urinary Retention, don't worry! You're not alone and easy-to-use catheters from Cure Medical may help resolve your bladder concerns so you can get back to enjoying life!

If you have issues with Urinary Retention, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Easy-to-use catheters from Cure Medical may help resolve your bladder concerns so you can get back to enjoying life.  Ask your physician how Cure Catheters can help you too.

Have Urinary Retention? Request a Sample of the Cure Twist® Catheter

If you are experiencing Urinary Retention, Cure Twist or another Cure Catheter may be helpful to you too.  Ask your doctor about Cure catheters, and request a free sample below!

Cure Medical Free Sample Request buttonTo request free samples of the Cure Twist® Ready-to-Use Catheter or any Cure Medical catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

“All you have to do is take the Cure Twist out of the small, blue container and easily insert them. I’m so thankful for how easy they are to use.”

Jean with her husband Jewell, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!

Jean with her husband Jewell, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!

These days, Jean uses a Cure Twist twice a day to make sure her bladder is completely emptied. With this routine and a good diet, she has experienced less UTI’s and is glad that cathing is easy and pain-free.

At 88-years-old, Jean says Cure Catheters work great for her and she would recommend them to others who are nervous to give them a try.

“I would advise anyone to use Cure Catheters. They’ve been great for me!,” Jean recommends.

Thank you for Choosing a Cure, Jean!

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