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Adam Lane Gives Back to Kansas City After His Spinal Cord Injury - Cure Medical
United Spinal Chapter President Adam Lane Shares His Story with the Cure nation

Adam Lane is the President and one of the founding Board Members of the Greater Kansas City National Spinal Cord Injury Association (GKCNSCIA)a Chapter of the United Spinal Association. Born and raised in Kansas City, Adam has always been committed to helping the people in need in his community. 

Kansas City United Spinal Chapter President Adam Lane

Adam Lane had been working as a paramedic with a local ambulance for several years when, just weeks before his 35th birthday, he had a motorcycle accident that changed his life’s course. He doesn’t remember the accident and still doesn’t quite know how it happened, even after hearing the account from the motorists traveling behind him.

They say he leaned into a turn and then straightened up too early, causing him to lose control.

He wasn’t tired or under the influence – it just happened.

Adam endured a complete T-10/T-11 spinal cord injury.

Fox4 News Kansas City recently featured adam:
Adam lane tackles Life After SCI

Because Adam Lane had been serving others as a paramedic in his hometown before his injury, there was no lack of support for him when he was in need. He says several local fire departments that he worked with stepped up to help out with all sorts of things. They held fundraisers, made donations for equipment, moved his belongings out of his second-floor  apartment and even modified the home where Adam moved to after rehab.

“I had a bunch of support that I realized most people didn’t have, so I decided I wanted to help others that were in my position as much as possible,” Adam explains.

Just two years after his injury, Adam got involved with adaptive sports and began competing in triathlons. He loved the challenge, as well as the places he was able to visit for competitions that he may never have seen otherwise. Between 2009 and 2014, he traveled the U.S. and even competed in Hungary and New Zealand for World Championships.

After “retiring” from triathlons, Adam found another love – yoga. He began attending classes, adapting poses and learned to meditate. When he had the opportunity to become certified to teach, he took the chance.

He loves teaching Yoga today and says he would do it full-time if he could. Get info on his classes here.

“I just fell in love with yoga – both the physical and emotional benefits.”

Adam Becomes an SCI Advocate

About a year after his SCI, a physical therapist called Adam to discuss an opportunity for the community. She explained that there was no National Spinal Cord Injury Association Chapter (which has since become United Spinal) in Kansas City and that she was interested in starting one. She asked Adam to be on the board, which he accepted, and in 2008, GKCNSCIA was incorporated.

“We started out as an all-volunteer board doing mostly information and referral. The bi-state area has some unique challenges with patients crossing state lines for therapy and other services and we helped people figure it all out,” Adam shares.

GKCNSCIA has grown significantly over the years. They host two major events each year – a community expo (held in August) and a fundraiser (held in June). The Midwest Ability Summit started out with 12 tables in a small space and has since, grown into a much larger convention. Their recent event had over 120 vendors, artists with disabilities, adaptive sports demos and much more.

See the Midwest Ability Summit Highlights:

“People can’t ask questions about things they don’t know about. [The Summit] is a way to allow people with all sorts of disabilities to be exposed to what’s out there and what’s possible,” Adam says.

The Chapter also holds an annual golf tournament, which started in 2012, and donates the funds raised from the event to expand and improve their services offered to the community. With the additional funds, they’ve been able to host more frequent membership events and outings with food provided for members, support local adaptive sports teams by purchasing equipment and uniforms and offer personal grants to individuals in need.

Adam knows there is always more to be done – and he’s committed to pushing forward to continue improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. He says advocacy isn’t just about fighting for access to public places, but also to healthcare and so much more.

“The more I see to be done and the more frustrated I get, the more dedicated I become to advocacy.”

Fortunately, Adam’s contributions to his community in Kansas City have not been overlooked.

Adam recently received the Individual Contribution Award from non-profit organization The Whole Person. The Whole Person’s Celebration Awards honors and recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations that are working to further their mission to assist people with disabilities to live independently.  Congratulations, Adam!

Why Adam Lane Chooses a Cure catheter

Upon leaving the hospital after his injury, Adam was in the same boat as most people who are new to SCI, in that he was faced with figuring out a lot of details that seemed pretty foreign. He remembers calling “whatever medical supply company that was recommended” to him to inquire about catheters, only to learn that his insurance would not cover them.

Not sure what else to do, Adam spent his first 4 to 5 years after SCI washing and reusing catheters.

The new Cure Ultra for Men is pre-lubricated so it’s ready-to-use, and will not kink if you bend it.

Later, Adam worked for the medical supply division of a mobility company and began trying out samples of different types of catheters to become more knowledgeable about the products. That’s when he discovered Cure Catheters and he really liked them.

Plus, Adam learned Cure catheters are more affordable for his out-of-pocket expenses and preferred by his insurance! So, he made the switch.

Today, Adam still uses Cure Catheters, even after getting better insurance that offered higher reimbursements. He says he’s happy with the products and highly recommends them.

The Cure Ultra® Coude for men is pre-lubricated, and has a bent tip along with a blue control stripe to help with comfort and accuracy during insertion.

The Cure Ultra® Coude for men is pre-lubricated, and has a bent tip along with a blue control stripe to help with comfort and accuracy during insertion.

“I also appreciate that Cure gives 10% of their net income back to the SCI medical research community,” Adam adds. Thank you for Choosing a Cure, Adam!

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