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The Cure Ultra® Intermittent Catheter product family is now available for sale in Canada as Cure Medical continues to rapidly expand in the Canadian urology market.

March 13, 2018 [Newport Beach, CA] – After 10 consecutive years of explosive organic growth, Cure Medical is announcing today that their full line of ready-to-use Cure Ultra® catheters is now available for sale in Canada.

The Cure Ultra® coude catheter for men is available in  FR 12-18 sizes.

The Cure Ultra® coude catheter for men is available in  FR 12-18 sizes.

“We continuously receive requests from Canadian sales partners and end users who are looking for a quality-made, affordable intermittent catheter that is not made with known carcinogens like DEHP or BPA.  We are thrilled to now provide Cure Ultra® catheters to Canadian customers. Cure Medical will continue to expand our product availability and brand awareness in this market,” Cure Medical CEO John Anderson says.

Download the flyer below to view all Cure Medical products available in Canada.Product Flyer linkThe Cure Ultra® family of quality-made, pre-lubricated catheters include straight and coudè options for men, and a discreet, ready-to-use straight catheter for women.  Cure Ultra® catheters offer:

  • Sizes: 8-18 French for men, 8-16 French for women
  • 16-inch long for men, 6-inch long for women
  • Easy tear top with minimal packaging waste
  • Smooth, polished eyelets on a quality-made catheter
  • Pre-lubricated tip – no drip, less mess, does not kink when bent
  • Unique, ‘No Roll’ connector/funnel end
  • Easy gripper sleeve on Ultra styles for men who prefer better insertion control
  • Not made with scary chemicals like known-carcinogen DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex

“The Cure Ultra® Coudè is well received within the urological community and was spotlighted by Urology Times editorial staff in their February 2018 issue,” Cure Medical CEO John Anderson says.  Urology Times reports on current clinical and non-clinical news to urologists in patient care practice, and the magazine is billed as “the leading news source for urologists.”

The Cure Ultra® Coudè for men features a fixed, curved tip and a proprietary CoverAll application process for even distribution of lubricant over the catheter as it is removed from the package – making the catheter ready-to-use with ultra-low resistance as you self-cath. Additionally, the Cure Ultra® Coudè for men includes a blue control stripe for insertion accuracy and a unique gripper for increased ease of use.

The Cure Ultra® coudè catheter for men is available in 10-18 French sizes.

View the Cure Ultra® for men at:

View the Cure Ultra® for women at:

For Providers: Canadian HME/DME partners who are attending Medtrade Spring can view and request samples of any Cure Ultra catheter by visiting booth #467 for more information.


If you are seeking a quality-made, intermittent catheter that is not made with scary chemicals like DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex, Cure Medical has a full assortment of male, female and pediatric catheters available for your daily use.

Cure Medical Pocket catheterThe following intermittent catheters are available now from Cure Medical and its authorized dealers in Canada.*

  • Cure Ultra® Ready-to-Use Catheter for Men and Women
  • Cure Hydrophilic Catheters
  • Cure Medical® Pocket Catheter
  • Cure Catheter® for Women
  • Cure Catheter® for Men
  • Cure Pediatric Catheter
  • Cure Twist® Ready-to-Use Catheter for Women
  • Cure Catheter® Closed System
  • Cure Medical® Catheter Insertion Kit

Cure Medical Free Sample Request buttonTo request free samples of the Cure Catheter®, Cure Ultra®, or any Cure Medical catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

*updated on 5/2/18
Cure Medical New Products informationAbout Cure Medical
Founded by quadriplegic Bob Yant, Cure Medical is an independently-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets intermittent catheters and closed catheter systems worldwide. Cure Medical catheters are not made with natural rubber latex, or scary chemicals like known-carcinogen DEHP or BPA.

When you choose high quality Cure Catheters® or Cure Catheter® Closed Systems for routine intermittent catheterization, you are joining the sustained pursuit of a cure for paralysis, as Cure Medical is also the only intermittent catheter manufacturer that donates 10% of net income to medical research for SCI and CNS/D.

Learn more at or call 800.570.1778.

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