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Valued Cure Medical Advocate logoDavid and Amanda Kerr are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Norah and Tessa, and a dog named Sadie. Norah, who is 5-years-old, lives with Spina Bifida and is a big fan of Cure Medical products.

Amanda and Norah recently shared their story with us — and we believe their experience will empower other families who have children that are learning how to self-cath!David and Amanda Kerr are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Norah and Tessa

MEET AMANDA KERR: A Mom on a Mission

Amanda Kerr has always been her daughter’s biggest advocate. Like many other parents of children with disabilities, Amanda is aware that so much of her daughter’s quality of life relies on her knowledge of diagnoses, related conditions and allergies, available therapies and medical products.Five year-old Norah KerrNorah is a happy, active kid with a smile that will melt your heart. She just happens to have Spina Bifida too. As the time approached for her to start kindergarten, her mom was on a mission to make sure her school experience would be as “normal” as possible.

Norah and Tessa KerrA huge part of going to school for any kid is about finding their independence. As children learn to do things on their own, it strengthens their character by building confidence and self-esteem.

Understanding this, Amanda knew that Norah’s ability to self-cath would impact her school experience in a big way.

Unfortunately, the catheters that Norah had been using didn’t seem like the best option for Norah to learn to cath herself. Amanda also discovered a lack of kid-friendly, easy to understand information about kids and self-cathing, so she set out to find the help they needed.

“I was on the hunt for resources to support Norah and educate the school staff,” Amanda recalls.

Finding a Better Option for norah
Cure Medical backpack filled with educational materials created for kids who are learning to cath.

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In Amanda’s research, she came across a free resource from Cure Medical. It was a backpack filled with educational materials created for kids who are learning to cath.

It was exactly what Amanda had been searching for – and more.

In the past, they had been given a book and some medical materials about catheterization, but the information in Cure’s kid-friendly kit was presented in an entirely different way that was much easier to understand.

“Norah is the first child with spina bifida at her school campus, so we needed to educate the school staff. Cure’s backpack and the materials included has been helpful for EVERYONE.”

If you would like to request a free educational backpack for your child too, please request a pediatric product sample here and you will be able to add a backpack to your order.Norah Kerr

The Cure Difference for Norah’s care

The more Amanda learned about Cure Medical, the more interested she became.

Not only was Cure local to the Kerr’s home state of California, but she also appreciated that 10% of Cure’s net income is always donated to spinal cord research. That knowledge compelled Amanda to order a free sample to try out Cure products.

“To be honest,” Amanda explains, “we didn’t realize there were even other companies making catheters other than the brand that we had been ‘assigned’ when Norah started cathing. We weren’t given any options. The catheters we used previously were super long and rigid, and just not a good option for Norah if she wanted to be independent.”


Norah KerrAfter receiving the Cure Medical catheter samples, Amanda and Norah were convinced. They felt Cure Catheters were higher quality and much more user-friendly than what they were previously using.

The Kerr family liked the pediatric catheter option from Cure, but were also surprised to find that the Cure Twist actually made a big difference in Norah’s ability to cath independently.  And, by choosing to use a product that worked better for her, Norah was actually having a say in her own self-care for the first time.

Norah explained why she likes the Cure Twist (in the cutest voice ever), “It is FANTASTIC! They’re short so I can do them!”

“They don’t make a lot of noise and they’re easier for me to open with the little cap!,” Norah adds.

Cure Twist catheter for womenAmanda says they also appreciate that the Twists are pre-lubricated and not messy – and the size and style of the container allow Norah to be discreet.

Cure Medical Free Sample Request buttonTo request free samples of the Cure Twist® Ready-to-Use Catheter or any Cure Medical catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

Norah Gained Her Independence to Enjoy a Positive Kindergarten Experience

In case you are wondering, kindergarten is going very well for Norah. Thanks to Cure catheters and a little education, Norah doesn’t have to be separated from her peers to use the restroom.

No more having to depend on diapers or a special room with a changing table.

“With cathing,” Amanda shares, “Norah has been able to maintain social continence, which is a big deal. She uses the regular bathroom, just like the other kids in her class. Cure has made all the difference.”Norah Kerr and her familyHere at the CURE NATION, we are so happy to see that Norah not only feels more confident among her peers, but that she’ll have more time and freedom to be a kid. Thanks for sharing your story, Kerr Family!

Contact us at Cure Medical to request a sample of our products or to receive our educational back pack for kids.

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