Cure Medical Debuts Pocket-Sized Hydrophilic Cure Kit for Sterile-Use Catheterization - Cure Medical

Cure Medical 16-inch hydrophilic intermittent catheters for men are now available in a discreet, pocket-sized kit.

June 26, 2018 [Newport Beach, CA] – Expanding on the popularity of the Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®, Cure Medical is announcing the availability today of a Hydrophilic Cure Kit that includes the ready-to-use, 16-inch Cure hydrophilic catheters.

“Popular demand for Cure Medical hydrophilic catheters led us to offer the new Hydrophilic Cure Kit to urological sales partners and end users who prefer the sterile technique for self-catheterization and are looking for a quality-made, affordable intermittent catheter that is not made with known carcinogens like DEHP or BPA,” Cure Medical CEO John Anderson says.

Cure Medical is proud to offer the ONLY sterile, single-use hydrophilic catheter on the market that features ALL of these benefits:

  • Smooth polished eyelets for increased comfort
  • Straight tip
  • Does not kink when bent
  • Available in French sizes 12-16
  • Hydrophilic coating for quick lubrication
  • Purified water packet for easy, mess-free/stain-free hydration
  • Textured advancer/gripper for clean, easy catheter insertion
  • High quality materials, not made with scary chemicals like DEHP*, BPA or natural rubber latex
  • Support of research in pursuit of a cure for SCI and CNS/D
  • Available in USA and Canada

The New! Hydrophilic Cure Kit includes:

  • a hydrophilic Cure catheter,
  • ambidextrous gloves,
  • BZK wipe,
  • underpad, and
  • collection bag with universal connector.

The Hydrophilic Cure Kit is offered as a case of 90 units in French Sizes 12-16, and is available from qualified Cure Medical distributors and HME providers nationwide.

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“We also remain distinguished as the only intermittent catheter manufacturer in the world that donates 10% of all net income to fund medical research in pursuit of a cure for paralysis and central nervous system disorders,” Anderson adds.

About Cure Medical
Founded by quadriplegic Bob Yant, Cure Medical is an independently-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets intermittent catheters and closed catheter systems worldwide. Cure Medical catheters are not made with natural rubber latex, or scary chemicals like known-carcinogen DEHP or BPA. When you choose high quality Cure Catheters® or Cure Catheter® Closed Systems for routine intermittent catheterization, you are joining the sustained pursuit of a cure for paralysis, as Cure Medical supports medical research for SCI and CNS/D.  Learn more at or call 800.570.1778.