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4 Discreet Lifestyle Aids for Ladies Who Roll - Cure Medical

Ladies, we get it! Sometimes you just want a little privacy and a helping hand to be more comfortable as you roll.  Enjoy these tips about four discreet lifestyle aids that we’ve pulled together especially for women in the CURE NATION.

1. easy to wear: Endless Ability Jeans

Endless Ability Jeans are designed specifically for users of wheelchairs. The jeans are tailored with a high-rise rear, lowered or false front pockets and rear pockets and a stylish-stretch look.

The adaptive clothing brand was founded by two wheelchair users, Antonio “TheRoller” Quistian and Chelsie Hill of the Rollettes, who have a mission to “help those living with a disability understand that their abilities really remain endless.”

Endless Ability has several styles of adaptive jeans available for women who roll through their Ability Jeans for Her Collection.

Solid Denim Ability Jeans for Her

This NEW Ability Jean for Her, Styles by C.H., is comfortable and perfect for everyday use. These solid denim jeans are available in many colors and have a soft wash for a sleek finish.This jean offers a nice stretch to help give the best custom fit for everyday use.  They have a high false front and rear pockets to deliver the most normal denim look, yet avoid painful interference. The high waist offers full coverage but stylish for any occasion.  Available Now in Blue, Black, and Ash Black.

Fashion Denim Ability Jeans for Her

This  NEW Ability Jean for Her, Styles by C.H. new Ability Jean Fit is comfortable and perfect for everyday use. This jean has a nice wash with light fading and lots of destruction on the front of the jeans.Soft, sleek, and with a light stretch to help give the best custom fit for every day use. Blue stitching adds a great finish.  This new design has high false front and rear pockets to deliver the most normal denim look, yet avoid painful interference. Perfect high waist for full coverage but also stylish for any occasion.  Available Now in Dark and Light Blue.

See more styles at

2. Tired of monthly messes? Try THINX

THINX is a New York-based brand breaking down the taboo surrounding a women’s period. The brand has developed highly-absorbent underwear that make women’s periods an easier experience. The garments are made with a fabric that promotes less moisture from the skin to ensure no leaks, and is also anti-microbial.

The garments come in many different types including, high-waist, thong, cheeky, sport, boyshorts and hip-hugger varieties perfect for any situation.

THINX also provides activewear, 100% organic cotton tampons and THINX-brand merchandise.

Browse their items at:

3. Perfect for Public Restrooms: Extra Long M14XL CURE Catheter

New mom Jenn Sexton struggled with wanting to keep up with her young son Thomas and their busy lives that often took them multiple places during the day, outside of the home. As a paraplegic, Jenn found herself being nervous and sometimes hesitant to leave the house because of her mobility challenges.

“I have to get my legs out to be able to shift from my wheelchair to the toilet, and it’s very hard to transfer in public restrooms.”

“It’s hard for me, and I’m a T-12 paraplegic, which means I am very lucky to still have my abdominal muscle strength. Even then, it hurts to reach the toilet. For people with higher level injuries, I don’t even know how they do it by themselves in a public restroom. I know firsthand that it is difficult,” Jenn explained.

That all changed when Jenn’s medical supply provider introduced her to the Cure Medical M14XL Extra Long catheter. Suddenly, the need to transfer disappeared, along with her worries about leaving home for an extended period of time.

“Thanks to the Cure M14XL, I don’t have to transfer anymore and can go out without worrying. The extender tube on the catheter is amazing, and is easy to use,” Jenn added.

At 25-inches long, the M14XL Cure Catheter eliminates the need for extension tubing and may also help you avoid having to transfer too!

“I only learned about one kind of catheter while I was in rehab. I’m a very independent person though. I was in the military, and very self-reliant, so I want to do things on my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about my options for using a different catheter until a long time had passed after I went home from the hospital,” Jenn said.

Know your options! The right catheter for your needs can keep you from feeling stuck.

“Because of my limited knowledge about catheter types, I used to never go out of the house, especially while I was pregnant. Pregnant women will tell you, we go to the bathroom constantly!”

“Since I had a hard time transferring to the toilet, when I did leave my house, I was only willing to leave for three hours at the max,” Jenn commented.  “That fear disappeared when I discovered the M14XL made by Cure Medical.”

free-sample-request-cure-medicalTo request free samples of the Cure Medical® M14XL extra long catheter or any Cure Medical® catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

“Until I found the extra long catheter from Cure Medical, I was stuck at home. The M14XL changed my life,” Jenn explains.

4. SISTER PRODUCTS: Cure Ultra and Cure Twist

If discretion is more of a concern to you than transferring, you may want to try two ready-to-use products from Cure that are designed especially for women who value discreet packaging.

The sterile, single use, Cure Twist® intermittent catheter  is similar to the design of small cosmetics, and is preferred by women who value discretion and convenience.

Ready to use, it features an easy, twist open top and polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated straight tip that allows for ‘No Drip/No Mess’ cathing. The Cure Twist® is offered with a universal funnel end for maximum compatibility with drainage solutions.The Cure Ultra® for women is similar to the Cure Twist, except it doesn’t come in a plastic blue tube for packaging. Instead, it has a tiny wrapper to reduce the amount of material you throw away after use.

The sterile, single use Cure Ultra® is a ready-to-use catheter for women. The small, flexible package features an easy tear top and enables disposal of minimal material. The Cure Ultra is offered in 6” length, 8FR -16FR for women.

free-sample-request-cure-medicalTo request free samples of the Cure Twist®, the Cure Ultra® or any Cure Medical® catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

Did You Know?
When you Choose a Cure Catheter, you’re also joining the fight to find a cure for paralysis and urinary retention, as Cure Medical donates 10% of net income to fund medical research for paralysis and central nervous system disorders.

Also, Cure Catheters are not made with known carcinogen DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex, so you don’t have to worry about scary chemicals!  Learn more about the risks with DEHP here.

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