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cure nation logoOn his YouTube channel and blog, SB-Inspiration, Adam Guerrero shares his experiences and helps motivate other people living with spina bifida to live happier and healthier lives. His goal is to be a mentor for kids who with disabilities and encourage those with Spina Bifida to be active in their life.

Adam Guerrero on Growing up with Spina Bifida

Twenty-seven year old Adam Guerrero says that he lead a pretty “normal” childhood. He shares, “I’m the youngest of five siblings – and the only one in my family who uses a wheelchair. I know they have discovered recently that spina bifida can be genetic, but I guess mine was just a medical accident.”

adam as a young boy

Adam continues, “My parent’s didn’t give me any special treatment, and I was always trying to keep up with my siblings – we’re close in age. I would try anything and if I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t blame it on the wheelchair or let it get me down, I just moved on.”

There weren’t a lot of other people around with spina bifida in his area when Adam was growing up.

“I may have met two or three other kids with spina bifida,” he remembers, “but didn’t really keep in touch.”

“In high school, though, I heard about a camp for people with disabilities. I thought it might be a good experience to connect with other people like me – and it turned out to be an incredible experience. Some people had disabilities similar to mine, but others had more severe disabilities and they expressed the fact that they wish they had more independence.”

That camping trip had a big impact on Adam and the experience inspired his idea to start a blog. He realized how valuable his positive attitude was and he wanted to motivate others that may not have the support. But, life got busy, as it does, and the years began to pass.

Adam was able to scoop up more pro tips on video blogs from YouTube star Andrew Angulo, who he met at the San Mateo Abilities Expo.

Adam was able to scoop up more pro tips on video blogs from YouTube star Andrew Angulo when they met at the San Mateo Abilities Expo.

Adam Creates SB-Inspiration Blog

At 23, Adam decided it was time to bring to fruition the vision he had long been dreaming up. He created a blog called SB-Inspiration, mostly writing about what it was like growing up with spina bifida. He wrote blogs about being in school in a wheelchair, interacting with teachers and staff, and prejudices that he has endured.

screenshot of sb-inspiration on youtube

“People reach out to me online and ask,” Adam shares, “how do you make friends when you are in a wheelchair? And it makes me so sad to think that they believe that. If you’re a nice person, people want to be around you, no matter what. All my friends are willing to help me, too. These are the kinds of people I want to reach and inspire.”

Adam has also started a YouTube Channel, also called SB-Inspiration, where he discusses many of the same types of subjects for his community. And lately, he has been incorporating more health and fitness topics.

Over the past eight months, Adam has been on a weight-loss journey and uses his Instagram to encourage others.

“My long-term goal right now is to help people adapt to fitness, to have the motivation to go work out, whether it be at home or the gym. My message is still the same – promoting a positive attitude, understanding that fitness is a big part of that.”

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Adam Guerrero Aspires to be a Motivational Speaker

Adam has really enjoyed making YouTube videos, but he has goals of getting in front of live audiences. He plans to book his first speaking gig this year and is open to speaking at all sorts of events, especially those serving the spina bifida community.

When asked his best advice for others who roll, Adam says, “You’re disabled, not unable. So, sure, you have this wheelchair or these crutches, but that’s just your way of doing things. You can do the same things as others, and maybe even more so – you just have to find your own way. Nothing is impossible.”

Adam recently met another Spina Bifida advocate, Misty Blue Foster, while networking at the San Mateo Abilities Expo.

Adam recently met another Spina Bifida advocate, Misty Blue Foster, while networking at the San Mateo Abilities Expo.

“I think my attitude is what helps me be happy and successful, and I want to continue reaching out to others to help be an example and show that this disability doesn’t stop you from anything. As long as you can use your mind in some way, you can accomplish things.”

Why Adam Guerrero chooses a Cure Catheter

We were thrilled when Adam visited with us at the Cure Medical booth during the San Mateo Abilities Expo.  Adam told the CURE NATION right off the bat why he intentionally chooses a Cure Catheter.

“I like them because they’re simple to use and I haven’t had a UTI since I’ve been using Cure!,” Adam explains.

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