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Due to High Demand, Cure Medical Expands Pre-Lubricated Ultra® Coudé Intermittent Catheter Product Line - Cure Medical

The full line of Cure Medical 16-inch pre-lubricated Cure Ultra® intermittent catheters with straight and Coudé tips are available for sale in the US and Canada as the US-based catheter manufacturer continues to rapidly expand their popular product offerings. Cure Ultra® Coudé catheters are now available in French sizes 10-18.

September 6, 2018 [Newport Beach, CA] – Expanding on an established track record of explosive organic growth, Cure Medical is announcing today that their full line of ready-to-use, 16-inch pre-lubricated Cure Ultra® intermittent catheters with Coudé tip are now available in more French sizes for men who self-cath.

Cure Ultra Coudé Catheter now available in 10FR – 18FR

“We are thrilled to expand the Cure Ultra® Ready-To-Use catheter line, as the Ultra® may very well be the fastest-growing type of intermittent catheter available on the market today. Cure believes the Cure Ultra® represents the future of the urological supplies market in terms of offering pre-lubricated, high quality, and insurance-friendly products to our distribution partners and consumers. The Cure Ultra® also has discrete packaging with minimal waste, and this adds to its’ widespread popularity,” Cure Medical CEO John Anderson says.

Cure Ultra® Pre-Lubricated Catheter for Men: Features + Benefits

The sterile, single-use Cure Ultra® is a ready-to-use catheter for men with all of the convenience of pre-lubrication, but WITHOUT THE DRIP or mess. Plus, the Cure Ultra® won’t kink if you bend it, and a case weighs less than our traditional hydrophilic!

Cure Medical is proud to offer the ONLY sterile, pre-lubricated catheter for men on the market that features ALL of these benefits:

  • Sizes – Straight:  8 FR – 18 FR; Coudé: 10 FR – 18 FR
  • Available in straight and Coudé for men
  • Smooth polished eyelets on the pre-lubricated straight catheter tip increase comfort
  • Coudé option has a bent tip along with a blue control stripe to help with comfort and accuracy during insertion.
  • NO DRIP: CoverAll™ application technology provides even distribution of lubricant over the catheter as it is removed from the package
  • Easy gripper sleeve assists with insertion
  • A unique, ‘No Roll’ connector/funnel end helps increase confidence when draining
  • Will not kink if you bend it
  • High-quality materials and no scary chemicals – not made with DEHP*, BPA, or natural rubber. Learn more about the concerns with DEHP here.
  • The small, flexible package features an easy tear top and enables disposal of minimal material.
  • Support of research in pursuit of a cure for SCI and CNS/D possibly offers the best benefit of all!
  • Available in USA and Canada

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“We also remain distinguished as the only intermittent catheter manufacturer in the world that donates 10% of all net income to fund medical research in pursuit of a cure for paralysis and central nervous system disorders,” Anderson adds.

free-sample-request-cure-medicalTo request free samples of the Hydrophilic Cure Ultra® Coudé, or any Cure Medical catheter, contact your local distributor of quality healthcare products, or click here.

About Cure Medical
Founded by quadriplegic Bob Yant, Cure Medical is an independently-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets intermittent catheters and closed catheter systems worldwide. Cure Medical catheters are not made with natural rubber latex, or scary chemicals like known-carcinogen DEHP or BPA. When you choose high-quality Cure Catheters® or Cure Catheter® Closed Systems for routine intermittent catheterization, you are joining the sustained pursuit of a cure for paralysis, as Cure Medical is also the only intermittent catheter manufacturer that donates 10% of net income to medical research for SCI and CNS/D.  Learn more at or call 800.570.1778.