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cure nation logoCURE NATION: John Martinson is 59 years old and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. “I’ve done really well for myself!” he says, “I have four wonderful kids and six grandkids. I am very fortunate to be around to see my family grow.” An avid outdoorsman, John’s life changed 17 years ago when he passed out in his workshop while painting and fell off his ladder. John sustained a T8 spinal cord injury from the fall, but has been committed to living life fully since then.

John with his bike

John enjoying the outdoors in one of his favorite ways: riding on his motorcycle!

After his injury, John became involved with several committees and non-profit organizations. Additionally, John went back to school and received his degree in Mechanical Design Engineering. This started his love of advocacy.

John also has always had a love for hunting. While in the hospital, John was unable to hunt, but once he was out of the hospital he had the opportunity to be mentored by someone who helped him get back outdoors. For John, this meant everything. John sustained his injury June 17th and was back outside hunting by October 1st.

“It is amazing that there are people and organizations that help you get back outside doing the things you love.” John expressed.

paying it forward

John was incredibly impacted by the act of being mentored so that he was able to continue being in nature. Giving other men the opportunity and ability to get them back outside is his passion.

John is the chairman of the Wisconsin Disability Advisory Council for the Department of Natural Resources. Within the organization, John helps advise the Department of Natural Resources on accessibility at parks and in general any ADA issues with property.

John Hunting

John hunting in Colorado.

“Wisconsin is the only state that has an early rifle deer hunting season for individuals with disabilities since it’s more difficult for us to handle extreme temperatures during the regular season, so that’s really cool.” John exclaims.

John understands the importance of how healing being in nature is. He organizes a fishing event every May on Lake Mendota for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, John is the Vice President of Adaptive Sportsmen which is a non-profit organization that helps people get back outside and participating in outdoor activities. The grant money they receive also goes towards helping people obtain adaptive equipment.

“There are so many great organizations out there, and I love networking and discovering more.” he says.

sci Badgerland: helping protect the freedom to hunt

Safari Club International (SCI) Badgerland is a U.S.-based organization of more than 50,000 hunters. Passionate about protecting the freedom to hunt, they also promote wildlife conservation worldwide. Between SCI and their sister organization, SCI Foundation, they have put more than $70 million on the ground for conservation since 2000. In the U.S. and abroad, the hunters are part of a system that keeps the forests, rivers and fields intact and maintains the wildlife.

Since John loves their mission and the people involved, John became part of the board for SCI Badgerland in one of their Wisconsin chapters.

john’s advice to other men who roll

“It’s hard to get your mojo back after the challenge of sustaining an injury. Getting back to every day life is difficult. There are so many great organizations out there. You also must learn to take care of yourself, you are your number one! Nobody else will do it for you, and you can’t give to anyone else if you aren’t healthy and trying to do the best you can.” John says passionately. His advice is what he lives every day; acknowledging the challenges yet working through them and becoming a better version of himself daily.

john’s mission for spinal cord injury research

Currently, John is lobbying alongside others for $10 million in the budget for the state of Wisconsin for spinal cord injury research. There is a bill going through the State Assembly and State Senate that needs more support and sponsorship before they try to pass it. This bill will aid in the research of finding a cure for spinal cord injury. “If not this year, we want to help get it passed in 2020.” John says.

unite 2 fight paralysis, Christopher Reeve foundation and the aviation accessibility  involvement

Working together to cure paralysis, Unite 2 Fight Paralysis aims to empower the global spinal cord injury community. Through advocacy and education, John recommends them as a fantastic organization to support.

w2w conference

John with Dr. Jerry Silver at the Working 2 Walk symposium in Cleveland in 2019.

“I’m a very active member of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis. Every year they have a Working 2 Walk Science and Advocacy Symposium that I try to make. A ton of scientists get together to talk about their research on spinal cord injury. They are a fantastic non-profit that I recommend people get involved with.”

John also recently has begun the process of getting involved with the Christopher Reeve’s Foundation as well, to represent Wisconsin. Being involved with many organizations means a lot of traveling and he knows the challenges of traveling with a wheelchair. John is supporting Senator Tammy Baldwin working to pass the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act, which will provide awareness to airlines about accessibility equipment. It will provide more safety and education not only for individuals with disabilities but to the staff.

the importance of being involved

While John is involved in a plethora of organizations, he feels it has given him not only knowledge, but confidence that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.

ice fishing with john

Enjoying some ice fishing in Canada!

“It’s one of those things where it is good to know what is out there. It may not be for you, but maybe it will be! Everyone is so unique, and it helps to have knowledge to aid you in life.”

how john discovered cure MEDICAL

John has been a long-time supporter of Cure Medical, and has multiple friends who are involved in the company. His passion for supporting his friends and other organizations in any way he can is very apparent. “We all try to help one another out. I love the camaraderie we have in trying to figure out how to navigate life with a spinal cord injury.”

While John has supported Cure Medical and their mission for a very long time, John is a very recent user of Cure Medical products. We are grateful to have the support of individuals like John!


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To learn more about United 2 Fight Paralysis, you can visit their website at

Founded by a quadriplegic, Cure Medical supports research programs in pursuit of a cure for urinary retention, paralysis, spinal cord injury and central nervous system disorders.

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