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Wheels UP! Men On Wheels Who Love Adapted Hot Rods - Cure Medical

The 2018 Wheels UP! Photo Contest took place in September, and we had more than 600 pictures submitted by people who were doing fun and amazing things while exploring their world on wheels.

One of the highlights of this year’s photo contest was seeing adapted hot rods of all kinds that were shared by owners across the country. Today, we’re passing on that joy to the CURE NATION, while encouraging you to share your favorite ride too.

Men Who Roll share their adapted Hot Rods

Mark Perry says, “I am about to get onto my bike for a 3-day trip to Laconia, New Hampshire.”Daniel Ruiz says, “At my home in Alabama just after moving from Miami,Fl. This is a 1972 Chevy Impala that I had built from the ground up with all the bells and whistles a person with disability could wish for. I’m just just posing with pride and joy of accomplishing something very few thought I would do.”Ramon Saltz says, “Me and my 2004 Honda Element. Lowered, rims, and aftermarket grilles so far.”Casey Miller says, “The automotive scene has been a big part of my personal world from the very beginning. I grew up going to car shows and helping my dad and brother in the garage.”

“My injury happened in 2009 when I was 13. I definitely had to adjust and adapt my life. With that said, the automotive part of my life barely changed.”

“I could still go to car shows, help with work and do some pretty awesome ride alongs. It’s now a bit over 9 years after my injury and I’m still around cars in a lot of my free time.”

“I’ve been beyond lucky enough to meet some incredibly amazing people through cars. I’m thankful for every one of them. The picture above was taken at my good friend’s BMW repair shop. I’m using a Zoom all-terrain chair sitting on top of a scrap BMW 528i while eating donuts for added effect. I hope I didn’t miss anything. Thank you for hosting this contest and thank you to all of the sponsors!”Daniel Fair says, “In front of my custom show truck, The Kraken. I spend my summers traveling up and down the mid-east coast going to car shows.”Eric Rine, above, in the race car that he and his high school Automotive Program built, complete with hand controls!

Ladies love their vehicles too! Check out this one featuring Nicole Smart on her Can Am Spyder in Pembroke, NH as she is enjoying a beautiful fall day.

Wheels UP! celebrity photo judge Clint Cook was thrilled to see all of these contest entries as he is a hot rod fanatic too.  See his current ride below:Clint says, “My injury is C5-6 incomplete from a car accident in 1988 so I’ve been doing this for a while. When I was 20, I bought a new TransAm and a buddy of mine just bought a new IROC Camaro, so like 20-year-old guys do, we wanted to see whose car was faster. Well, it turns out mine was faster but I was just a bad driver!”

“I lost control of the car and hit a small dirt embankment that caused my car to start flipping head over heals. On the first flip, I was ejected out of the T-Tops and on the second flip, the car landed back on top of me, wrapping me between the front tire and the engine,” Clint continues.

“So not only did I break my neck but I also ended up with a huge burn across my back. I spent 30 days in ICU with the staff trying to keep me alive. They had to get my burn stable before they could fuse my neck.”

“After that I spent 30 more days in double ICU, which is a little better than ICU, then 30 more days on their rehab floor. Luckily I lived close to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta so I went straight from the general hospital to rehab,” Clint explains. “I spent another four months at Shepherd and then 12 months of outpatient rehab at Shepherd.”

“Thirty years later, I’m still alive and kicking! Well not KICKING — but still living a very normal life and I still like fast cars!” ~ Clint Cook

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2018 Wheels UP! event, brought to you by SPORTS ‘N SPOKES, Cure Medical, Abilities Expo and the Spina Bifida Association.

Stay tuned to SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine as they will announce the contest winners in their November 2018 issue. Visit their site here.

See more of the amazing photos submitted by Wheels UP! contest participants here.

And don’t forget to get our free Wheels UP! Accessible Travel Guide for travel ideas across the United States too. Download your free copy here.

Looking for more adapted hot rods?

Join the Facebook group Handicap Hot Rods at:

Managed by admin Darrin Collins, this Facebook group is for people that require any type of vehicle modifications to drive or be a passenger. In this social community, you are free to post photos of your ride, equipment and any reviews about mobility providers as well as asking questions.Darrin also encourages members to SHOW OFF YOUR RIDE!! He says, “It doesn’t have to be custom or even a major modification. Sometimes the simple stuff is the best solution and what you have found to help you could greatly help someone else. As long as it moves under its own power or yours feel free to post it.”

If you are looking to buy or sell a modified vehicle, you may find what you are looking for in the Handicap Hot Rods group too.

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